The H2020 INPUT project produced a number of results that have been summarized in dissemination, communication and demonstration activities.

The main technical contributions provided by the project are as follows:

  • Design of personal networks, secure and trusted virtual overlay networks interconnecting the smart devices of users independently of their location or nature, powered through a novel SDN mechanism, named Multi-Center Overlay, able to meet Personal Network connectivity requirements according to the INPUT platform operations and service-level needs.
  • The INPUT platform realized as a highly modular ecosystem, including a highly scalable virtual home gateway, advanced hardware offloading capabilities Virtual Network Functions to attach the INPUT platform between the 4G access and core networks, and relying on state-of-the-art interfaces to interchange INPUT-native modules with equivalent third-party ones.
  • A complete prototype of the INPUT platform that includes an edge network with 4 Points of Presence and 8 aggregation access switches and a software-based implementation of a 4G EPC and supports the demonstration of the two selected use-case applications related to multimedia and IoT services in both the home environment and in mobility.

A mind map of the most original and innovative contributions/outcomes of the project against the overall platform architectural design is reported in Figure 2. In detail, this figure highlights the full coverage of the performed research and development activities versus the targeted architecture and related functionalities. The figure also pinpoints how the largest part of the project achievements had been integrated in the final demonstration pilot.

Figure. 2. Mapping of the INPUT main outcomes against the platform architecture. White boxes represent the outcomes integrated in the demonstration pilot, grey boxes the ones not implemented or implemented but not integrated in the final pilot. 

Further details can be found on the following web pages: