Early Bird Demonstrations

“Multi-Context Network Functions”: In this early-bird demo, which has been carried out at a very early stage of the INPUT project and shown at the Ericsson Italia Innovation Day in Genoa in September 17th-18th 2015, showcased the multi-context paradigm in the particular case of the virtualized Home Gateway have been exhibited.

“Virtual Multimedia Set-Top Box”: this proof-of-concept regards the virtualized multimedia set-top-box, and it focuses on a high-level description of the service chain that is instantiated as an end user requests the playback of a video content.

“Racing with Remote Drones”: the demonstration consists of a personal cloud service for realizing a Virtual Image of a rolling drone. The reference scenario consists of a user that connects with a remote rolling drone to race against the drones of other users on a racing track. This demonstration received the best demo award at the 2017 IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management.

Some Pictures from IEEE/IFIP IM, where this demonstration was the recipient of the best demonstration award:


Final Demonstration


Introduction to the demonstrator.


Multimedia Use-case Demonstration.


IoT Use-case Demonstration.


The Multi-Cluster Network Overlay mechanism for edge computing environments.


The INPUT Control-Plane Demonstrator.


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