Project Insights

To the best knowledge of this Consortium, the INPUT project has been the first Horizon 2020 action addressing the Edge/Fog Computing research topics. This early and cross-cutting project nature is confirmed also by the historical data on the Google web search engine reported in Figure 1. Moreover, the first introductory white paper on Edge Computing was published by the ETSI standardization body a few months later than the INPUT project proposal submission, and the first standards were released only in 2016 (approximately in the middle of the INPUT project life).

Figure 1. Interest on Google search engine according the last four years of the keywords “Edge Computing” and “Fog Computing” against the dates when the INPUT project has been submitted and it started. Source: Google Trends web portal (

Owing such considerations, it is important to underline how the INPUT project did not aim to comprehensively cover such broad topics like Fog and Edge Computing. It rather focused, as clearly defined in its objectives in the “Description of the Action” document, to enable personal cloud services at the edge facilities of Telecommunication Operators.
Notwithstanding this adherence to the project’s official objectives, the INPUT Consortium continuously fed project activities with relevant concepts, technologies, and paradigms arising in Edge and Fog Computing, as well as in neighbouring (and highly related) areas, such as Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and 5G mobile networks.
The main outcome of this continuous feeding results in two main sets of contributions, both concurring to the achievement of the project objectives:

  • contributions directly related to the design, the development, and the validation of the INPUT platform;
  • indirect contributions to the core platform, which addressed particular mechanisms/aspects of technologies external to the project, useful to optimize or to make even more scalable and efficient the INPUT platform operations.

Further information on the INPUT project achievements and objectives can be found here.